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Wednesday, August 29, 2007

It's HERE!!!!

My computer is finally here!!!! I LOVE it! But I am still not used to a mac. I have been using PC's now for over 13 years and old habits die hard. Like how do you copy and paste? Sorry for the bad picture. I got home after 8 pm today and did not have natural light. Also, my house is a mess!

Anyway, I also wanted to post some craft pics. Here is a little mascot that I made for my sockpal! Isn't she cute? I made her from the Cute Book. I would give you the link but I am still trying to figure out where stuff a file bar!

And here is a picture of my Q3 challenge from the Loopy Ewe! It is Cookie A's Twisted Flower and it was a joy to knit!

Once I have more knitting pics (I need light to photograph my Bee Shawl in progress) and figure out how to navigate the internet on my iMac, I will post again. Probably this weekend!

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