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Tuesday, May 29, 2007

I got YARN!!!!

I was discouraged by my attempts at knitting a Monkey sock so I went back to the Uptown Boot Socks from Interweave's Favorite Knits. I had already done a pair in Lorna's Laces but had this Sock Hop Yarn from Crown Mountain Farms (Hang on Sloopy colorway) just itching to be stitched! It is handspun so it runs the gamut from very thin to very thick but it all seems to even out in the end. Only one bad side affect is that I seem to crave Cheetos when I knit on these babies. Do you think if I ate some while knitting and the fake cheesy goodness would even show up on the socks? heeheehee!

On to the yarn p0rn...I just ordered a few (cough cough) skeins of yarn from the Loopy Ewe (isn't Sheri's site awesome?!?!?) and they arrived today...

On the top is J. Knits superwash sock yarn in Wyoming (because I will be in Jackson Hole for the 4th of July week--I can't wait!!!!). From left to right is: Apple Laine in Sunrise, Cider Moon Icicle in Juneau, sKNITches Bebop Sock in Turtleback (such a nice subtle colorway!), All Things Heather superwash merino in Peachtree, and Fleece Artist Merino Sock in Jester. And last but not least on the very bottom left, I have Fleece Artist sea wool in Angelfish. Whew! How will I choose which to knit first?

Oh, and I have other yarns from previouse purchases that I have not shown but I have already started projects w/them and will post later when I have better progress pics.

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Blogger Leigh said...

Beautiful! I'm so impressed. I love that colorway - will definitely have to do some yarn hunting around these parts. Now that I've cleared out a whole shelf (!!!!) in my yarn closet, it's time for a refill. Thanks for the inspiration! (And the vote of confidence for Waving Lace.)

2:05 PM  
Blogger BertandFelix said...

Awesome sock!!

8:45 AM  

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