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Monday, August 13, 2007

Vacations and Sockapalooza

Hey everyone, sorry for not posting in such a long time...I was on vacation during the week of July 4th (in Jackson Hole, WY!) and then last week in Michigan (Watersmeet--in the UP). During one of those vacations, my electricity went out and fried my wireless router. The computer I use has a wireless card, but does not have an ethernet card for me to try an fix my router. I think that this has driven me over the edge and I think I will buy a new computer (hopefully a mac). But, I digress. Once I get my computer/internet situation in hand, I will post w/pictures again.

I got a couple of packages over my vacation week...I got my sockapalooza socks, plus a pair of custom sock blockers (go here to see them). I LOVE my socks, my sock blockers, and three cheers for Sockapalooza! The other package I got was my Bee shawl kit from wooly wonka fibers! I am SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO excited to start this gorgeous shawl! I just have to get some needles from knitpicks...or maybe I may try out the new addi lace needles!

Anyways, I will try to post occationally, but, without pictures, until I get my computer situation fixed.

knit on!

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