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Friday, August 25, 2006

Prissed up Powder Room (almost)

I finished a Moss Grid towel. I need to make a mate before my powder room can really be prissed up. I used linen (Euroflax in willow), with #4 bamboo needles (I loved knitting this up). Here it is unblocked:

I also have started a Kiri shawl using Rowan Kidsilk Haze in wine:

I got the free pattern from Polly. Thanks Polly! I am having a ball knitting this up, even though I did have to tink back 4 rows because a mistake that I thought I could live with was so bad that I tinked. Rowan.Kid.Silk.Haze. This is a bitch to rip and tink. But so worth it! I posted in a previous entry that I had started the print o the waves stole. I stared and ripped back 3 times. I am NOT a good chart reader. I am much better at following a written pattern, probably because of all my doily crochet experience. I think I will need to write it out before I can do it justice. I am still working on two different pairs of socks...and I just got Charlene Schurch's sock book as well as Nancy Bush's On the Road sock book. So many little time!


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