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Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Stay home and knit

Why is it when women are expected to wait that they somethimes use the phrase, "What am I supposed to do, stay home and knit?" They usually say this like this is a BAD thing that they would never want to do voluntarily! I would love to stay home and knit. But, alas, I have bills, a mortgage and I really like to eat, so off to work I go.

Anyway, I recently got the Mason Dixon Knitting book and I LOVE peaches n cream yarn (and sugar and creme yarn and euroflax!). I have made three washrags, a burpcloth, two buttonhole bags, the absorba bathmat and am in the process of making a moss stitch linen finger towel, a baby kimono and a log cabin baby blanket. It is so much fun!

I feel like such a newbie to the knitting world and yet, I want to do it all the time. I have the very beginnings of a stash (I like sock yarn, a little TOO much) and have yet to knit anything more complicated than socks. I am scared of the sweater...but I think I may like to try some lace...I have crocheted doilies, how hard can a shawl be? I hope that these are not famous last words. I will post pictures of my other work in a later blog.


Blogger Anastacia said...

I love your stripey buttonhole bag, very cool colors. You've knit more M-D stuff than I have! I've done the 9 patch dishcloth, the ballband dishcloth, the mitered squares (well, still working on) & the log cabin.

Sweaters aren't bad - I was scared to start them, too - I started to knit only to knit socks, and that's all I did for, 2 years I think. My first non-sock project was honeymoon from knitty - knit in the round, doesn't use a lot of yarn, fun to knit, and I knit it with a KAL that made it even more fun. I'd definitely try any sweater knit in the round first - and knit something in stockinette first, so you can see where all the decreases go, and what those decreases do for shaping, before tackling something hard! Lace is fun, too, and there's a lot of easy lace to start off with.

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