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Friday, May 26, 2006

Blog virgin

Hi...I am posting my first blog ever! I am a blog virgin! I have never really posted anything, just comments on other blogs but I have found a calling that has persuaded me to express just how I LOVE to knit! I just started a few months ago. I had been a dedicated crocheter for YEARS (doilies anyone?) but had always been afraid to try knitting. Well, my friend Linda, convinced me and another friend to take a knitting class at Joanne's and the rest is history. I learned to make a spiral scarf and thank god that we took it on a Friday because I stayed up after the class ended (at 9 pm) and finished it! At 1 am! I moved on to other scarves, hats, then I discovered I made the buttonhole bag, then another and then I got the book and am working on my first warshrag. I have also made my first pair of socks (I knit from the toe up on two do you get the opening to not be so tight?). So, my adventures in knitting have just boyfriend is a hunter and wants me to knit him something to wear while he hunts. Something CAMO. I think that I will have to put on my designing hat soon!


Blogger Anastacia said...

Congrats on starting your blog!

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