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Friday, July 21, 2006

Not really a knitting post...

I just watched the movie Firewall last night and it is about a bank security head that a group of men hold hostage until he can get $10,000 from their top 2000 accounts. They wire him and put a camera on him, have his computer 'bugged' so that anything he writes or looks at, they see, too. But it never occurs to him that he could very sneakily write a HANDWRITTEN note to anyone to clue them in on what is going on. My boyfriend said that this was a summer blockbuster movie and you have to have a reasonable suspension of belief (he said, "Ohmygodthisisasummermoviegetoveryourselfalready"--I tend to do this a lot at the movies). But when I watch Sci-Fi movies I don't question what happens. I wonder why this is?

On the knitting front, I have no pictures, but I have started my THIRD blanket for my brother and SIL for their new baby coming in september. I had started a log cabin quilt from the Mason Dixon Knitting book in Noro Kuryon but my brother said it looked too tie-dye-y. I then went for the moderne baby blanket in peaches n cream and sugar n creme but I didn't like the colors. I then went to my LYS to get some birch dpn's and found cotton classic mercerized. Great colors and such a pretty sheen! I will post pics as soon as I get all 4 colors going.

I also got some kidsilk haze in a pretty burgundy color and will be starting a shawl soon...


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