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Thursday, October 18, 2007


I just got invited!!!! Woo Hoo!!!!! However, work being the crazy time sucker I will probably only have time for the next couple of weeks to look around and add things here and there. I am knitting monkeys, pomatomases, and a couple of argosy scarves (LOVE that pattern). My friend Julie just got back from visiting her sister in VA who has with her partner a sheep and goat farm. And guess what? They spin and dye thier own wool. I got 3 lovely skeins that I will some day photograph (when I can get home before dark) and post. It is Solitude yarn (go here) worsted weight, 130 yds per 2.3-3 oz. It is lovely and soft as so squishy! I think I will try either an entrelac scarf or miter square scarf. Yippee! I can go to Ravelry to find the perfect pattern!


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